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The Different Music Licenses When Buying Beats

If you’re a rapper or singer in the music business today, you likely buy beats online. There are a huge amount of beats for sale available on the internet and there are many different options available to you. One of these areas with many options is the type of license you purchase when you buy an instrumental from a beat maker. You can either purchase a non-exclusive license (sometimes known as a lease), an exclusive license and a buy-out contract. These different types of purchase options directly affect what you can do with that beat and how it will be used in the public domain. Read on to learn more about this.

A license is basically something in business that gives you a right to use a product for your own use. When someone creates something like a beat or instrumental, they own the rights to it and its use. The owner of this copyright can sell other people a license to use that thing in their own way. It is basically like a contract with the producer of that thing to use it in a way that you both agree upon. It’s common in business and this is how it’s always been done in the music business.

Non-exclusive licenses are also known as lease beats for sale. These licenses are cheap, usually only being $20-$40 each. This type of license means that you have the right to use the beats and instrumentals you purchase for songs, but you are not the only one who can use that beat. Non-exclusive beats are sold over and over again to different buyers who are interested in purchasing it. This means that if you buy a beat for sale non-exclusively and make a song on it, someone else can also buy it to create their own song.

An exclusive license is the exact opposite. Usually exclusive licenses are very expensive. They can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on who the music producer is. An exclusive license also grants you and only you the right to make a song on the beat that you purchase. If you buy an exclusive license and make a song on the beat, no one else has the right to do that. You are the only rapper or singer that is legally allowed to create music using that beat or instrumental.

A buy-out contract is a sort of hybrid license between non-exclusive and exclusive licenses. The beat will get sold to many different rappers and singers, so long as they only buy the non-exclusive license. But the music producer may offer a buy-out option on these non-exclusive beats. If someone chooses to buy the beat with the buy-out option, then the music producer will stop selling the beat non-exclusively to other rappers and singers. Other music artists that have already purchased the non-exclusive beat before you use a buy-out option, however, still have the right to use that beat in a song. However, once you buy-out the beat, no one else in the future will be able to purchase it.

These are some of the common types of licenses that beats for sale online have associated with them. Depending on your intentions for the song you’re trying to create, different license types may appeal to you. If you only want to promote a song for free, a non-exclusive license may be great. If you’re planning on releasing a song for sale, exclusive or buy-out options are probably better. It all depends on what you want to do with the song you create.

Posted on Thu 14 January 2016
by Elsa
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